Innovative Farben und Intelligente Gebäudebeschichtung von BioniCS GmbH. Ob antimikrobielle Innenbeschichtung auf Basis von Nanotechnologie zur Beseitigung von Bakterien und Steigerung der Raumhygiene mit Bioni Hygienic oder Bioni Nature als Raumfarbe für dauerhaften und gesundheitsschonenden Schutz vor Schimmelpilzwachstum. BioniCS Farben sorgen mit ihrer modernen Glaskugeltechnik und wegweisender Nanotechnologie für Wärme und Behaglichkeit. BioniComfort wirkt Wärme regulierend, steigert die Wohnbehaglichkeit und verbessert spürbar das Raumklima.


Multi-functional and environmentally friendly interior paint based upon Nanotechnology

- superior quality and performance
- environmentally friendly
- exceeds indoor air quality regulations
  (TÜV Certified)
- durable protection againts mould and
- reduces frequency of repaints and

Product Properties:

- low VOC
- permeable to water vapour
- non-flammable (class A2 according to DIN 4102-1)
- excellent washability (class 2 according to DIN EN 13300)
- superior flow and hiding (class 2 according to DIN EN 13300
- free of solvents
- environmentally friendly
- almost odour free

Recommended Use:

Bioni Nature is suitable for use in rooms where a healthy room climate and indoor air quality is desired such as living rooms and bedrooms, hotels and restaurants. In addition it is highly recommended for use in rooms which either already suffer from mould and moisture, or which seem likely to face these threats, e.g. bathrooms and toilets. Furthermore Bioni Nature is recommended for use in rooms housing sensitive residents such as children and people with allergies, e.g. children's rooms, schools and kindergartens

Packaging: 5.0 litre and 10.0 litre cans
Finish: matt
Spreading Rate: 290-350 ml / m² (2 coats)
Colour: white
Mixing service at the factory: yes
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Technical Data Sheet (40 KB)

Safety Data Sheet (21 KB)

TÜV-Certificate (311 KB)

AgBB Certificate (40 KB)

Indoor Air Quality Certificate      (129 KB)