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The new antiviral and antibacterial interior paint based on silver system technology

BIONI HYGIENIC PRO is a specially formulated interior paint that not only reduces multi-resistant bacteria such as staphylococci or enterococci on the surface but also CORONA VIRUSES by more than 99.9%. It thus provides an additional contribution towards the improvement of  hygiene conditions in interiors, particularly in public buildings such as schools, kindergartens, hospitals and retirement homes.

Product Features

  • eliminates >99.9% CORONA-VIRUSES on the surface*

  • reduces >99.99% BACTERIA (MRSA) on the surface**

  • with silver system technology

  • without the addition of conventional biocides and fungicides

  • low VOC and zero odor

  • cleansable and resistant to disinfectants

  • excellent hiding and coverage (class 2)

  • matt finish and easy to apply

* virus reduction after 24h according to ISO 21702-2019-05

** bacteria reduction after 24h according to ISO 22196


Silver System Technology


BIONI HYGIENIC PRO is a further development of our mould and bacteria resistant interior paints, which have been used successfully in hygienically sensitive areas for more than 15 years.


Based on recent scientific findings and the silver system technology used in BIONI paints, BIONI HYGIENIC PRO has been equipped with particular and until now unique surface properties. A bioactive biopolymer in combination with a silver-doped polysilicate ensures high efficacy against CORONA VIRUSES as well as gram-positive and gram-negative BACTERIA .


for anti-bacterial and

anti-viral properties

BIONI_GE_FHI_Siegel_Sil_ENG 2013.png

based on jointly

patented formula


with silver system technology

Application Areas

Thanks to their outstanding antiviral and antibacterial properties, as well as indoor air hygiene advantages, BIONI HYGIENIC PRO interior paint is suitable for all areas in which hygiene is particularly important and many, above all sensitive people, encounter each other for a lengthy period and with little social distancing, for example

  • schooles and universities

  • kindergartens and -day care centres

  • hospitals and clinics

  • retirement and care homes

  • food and beverages industry

  • hotels

  • catering

  • sports and leisure facilities

  • open plan offices


Substrates and application

BIONI HYGIENIC PRO is a high-quality wall and ceiling coating, which is applied in the same way as conventional interior paint using a brush, roller or suitable spraying method. It is therefore suitable for virtually all substrates such as:

  • existing paints and coatings

  • wallpapers

  • gypsum board

  • old and new plaster

  • concrete

  • wood

The technical data sheet contains further information, e.g. on substrate preparation. Notice: Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.


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