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Limitation of liability

We make every effort to keep the content on our website up-to-date. However, we accept no liability whatsoever for the accuracy, completeness or timeliness of the content provided. The user is solely responsible for how the content of this website is used. The views and opinions expressed in articles by named persons are those of the authors and do not

necessarily reflect the views of the provider. The user has in no way entered into a contractual relationship with the provider by using the provider’s website.


External Links

This website contains links to third party websites (“external links”). We cannot assume any liability for the content published by third parties. When including external links for the first time, the provider reviewed the content of these sites for any infringement. No evidence of infringement was found at this time. The provider cannot assume liability for current or future content published on third party websites. Including external links does not mean that the provider has adopted as his own the contents of the reference or link. It is not possible for the provider to conduct constant reviews of external links in cases where there is no concrete evidence of infringement. However, once an infringement has been identified, the external link in question is deleted immediately.



The content published on this website is subject to German copyright and ancillary copyright laws. Any use not permitted by German copyright and ancillary copyright law requires the prior written consent of the provider or the respective copyright holder. This applies in particular to the copying, editing, translation, storage, processing, or distribution of content in databases or other electronic media and systems. Third party content and rights are marked as such. The unauthorized duplication or distribution of individual content or complete pages is not permitted and is punishable by law. Only the production of copies and downloads for personal, private, and non-commercial use is permitted.

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